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In this inaugural episode, we talk with Antero Garcia, Associate Professor at Stanford and Katrina Rice, an educator in Vallejo, California about technology and play in the classroom. Should teachers do all they can to protect students from their phones, or should these powerful devices be welcomed into the classroom?

Jesse and Suneal meet again with Katrina to discuss some cool curriculum ideas using technology in the classroom

In this episode, we talk with Jake Silverstein of the New York Times Magazine and Kimberly Young of Culver City High School to discuss how one might use the 1619 Project to teach about the history of slavery and racism in the classroom. 

Episode 1 

COMING 2022!

Episode 2

COMING 2022!

Episode 3

COMING 2022!

Episode 4

COMING 2022!

Episode 5

COMING 2022!

Suneal and Jesse meet again with Kim to share some curriculum ideas about teaching the 1619 Project to high school students. 

Episode 6

COMING 2022!

In this episode, we talk with Liane Hypolite of Cal Poly Pomona, Stacy Thomas of a major charter network in California and our former student Ariel Benavides of that same charter network. We discuss the goals of college readiness for marginalized students and the effectiveness of charter schools in getting them there.

Suneal and Jesse meet again with Liane to discuss college-readiness practices educators can consider for their classrooms.

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