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Jesse Shapiro is a veteran teacher in Oakland, California. He teaches social studies and photography to high school students. Suneal Kolluri is a professor of education in San Diego, California. He is a sociologist of education and researches how unequal social outcomes by class, race, and ethnicity emerge between high school and college.

Jesse and Suneal met during their first year as teachers in East Oakland. They have collaborated to create curriculum, family vacations, and now, a podcast.


Burn Rubber: Where Education Research Meets the Road was created because Jesse never read Suneal's articles. Frankly, teachers have neither the time nor the resources to read educational research. Educators and professors thus lack important opportunities to engage in discussions of current scholarship. Our podcast aims to change that.

In episodes that will likely span a commute to and from school or the preparation of a family meal, this podcast bring scholarship to the people, inviting education professors to discuss and debate their research with teachers, students, and administrators in K-12 schools.

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